AssamNet: The oldest Assamese electronic mailing list in the world. This list is for general discussions concering Assam, Assamese, the Northeast of India. The mailing list was started in 1985. It is primarily an intellectual forum for discussions on Assam and related topics. Subscriber information is never revealed to anyone else.

News from Assam Times:

20th anniversary of the erstwhile luitoria mailing list..

   From Thu Nov 15 15:52:41 1990
   Date: Thu, 15 Nov 90 15:44:35 -0600
   From: (Deep Medhi)
   Subject: luitporia  :: a mailing list
   Status: RO

                                         November 15, 1990

   Hi everyone,

      Welcome to a new mailing list: luitporia !

      This   mailing    list    is    intended    for    people
   directly/indirectly/some way related to Assam/North-East In-
   dia. However, anyone else interested is welcome to join this
   list.  The  idea of this list is to provide a global mailing
   list accessible to EVERYONE from ANYWHERE (almost  anywhere)
   by sending message to just one address and to provide an in-
   formal forum to discuss/pass news about Assam, Assamese com-
   munity  in  North America and Europe (yes at present we have
   one person getting this mail message across the Atlantic  in
   UK,  see  list  below)  and the like. In future, I hope I'll
   (we'll) find out about someone directly in India who  I  can
   add  to the list (At present, there are several sites in In-
   dia like TIFR, NCST, IITs which can be  accessed  by  e-mail
   from this side of the world).

      I have been meaning to set up such  a  mailing  list  for
   quite sometime.  Now that I have my own workstation "aazoli"
   (couldn't think of a better name!) and that there are a fair
   number (22 as of now) of people with e-mail access, I decid-
   ed it's time to do so.

      The Internet e-mail address for this mailing list is:


   and should work from everywhere. People who  are  on  BITNET
   will  hopefully  figure it out how to send mail to this list
   (using jnet or some other interface).

      The initial list has been set up with the  names  of  the
   people  with whom I have been communicating (ir)regularly by
   e-mail and the names provided  to  me  by  Jugal  Kalita  of
   Colorado  Springs, Colorado. (Thanks, Jugal). I like to apo-
   logize to you for adding your name to the list  without  ob-
   taining your permission. (Anyone who would NOT like to be on
   this mailing list should send me a message  so  that  I  can
   delete  his/her  name). If you know of anyone else who might
   be interested in being added to this  mailing  list,  please
   let him/her contact me at my address given below.

      I would appreciate if you could  acknowledge  receipt  of
   this mail by sending me a message at my e-mail address list-
   ed below (Please send me correction on name/e-mail address).
   Finally, please excuse me if you got multiple copies of this
   message; bear with me as I set up this initial list.

      Thank you.

      Happy e-mailing :-)

       Deepankar Medhi
       Computer Science Telecommunications Program
       University of Missouri-Kansas City
       Kansas City, Missouri 64110-2499
       (816) 235-2006
       e-mail: Internet:
               Bitnet:   dmedhi@umkcvax2.bitnet
       FAX: (816) 235-5192

   The following people consist of the initial 'luitporia' mailing list:

    Mohd Rafiqul Awal, U of Oklahoma, Norman:
    Mantu Baishya, U of Colorado, Boulder:
    Naba Barkakati, Maryland:
    Arati Barua, Boeing, Washington:
    Pranab Barua, Boeing, Washington:
    Sanjoy Baruah, U of Texas, Austin:
    Arup Jyoti Bhuyan, AT&T Bell Labs, Naperville, IL:
    Apolok Borthakur, Rice U, Houston:
    Jugma Bora, Schlumberger, Michigan:
    Partha Choudhury, ICL, UK:
    Shakuntala Choudhury, AT&T, Bridgewater, NJ:
    Jugal Kalita, U of Colorado, Colorado Springs:
    Jukti Kalita, Columbia University, NY:
    Santanu Khataniar, Univ of Texas, Austin:
    Deepankar Medhi, Univ of Missouri-Kansas City:
    Satyajit Nath, State U of NY at Buffalo:
    Debabrata Sarma, Rutgers, the State U of NJ, Camden:
    Kanak Sarma, DEC, Mass:
    Vijit Sarma, Bellcore, New Jersey:
    Satyen Sarmah, Univ of Wyoming:
    Aradhana (Anna) Satin, AT&T Bell Labs, Holmdel, NJ:
    Probal Tahbildar, ETS, NJ: