[Assam] For Rs 3, 000, girls are selling themselves in city bars

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Thu Jul 26 21:35:59 CDT 2007


Now, maybe Guwahati will also have a "Dispur Madam" after our very own "DC
Madam".  What if there are some tabs and lists, of some top officials,
montries, and babus?
The last few years Dilli has been going thru this kind of stuff

On 7/26/07, Priyankoo <priyankoos at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> Yes, welcome to free economy...why did it take so many years to reach Ghy?
> Everything runs on the principle that as long as there is a demand, there
> will be supply.
> QUOTE: "We have the mobile number but we are not disclosing it"
> my oh my...Thank you!
> Nothing but an attempt to stir up some sensation by THE Sentinel. It does
> not yet discuss why these girls "sell" themselves or why are people in Ghy
> so desperate to spend 20000Rs. as tip to spend some time with these girls...
> Thank you The Sentinel, I now know you stooped too low for me to catch up
> with you.
> *Pradip Kumar Datta <pradip200 at yahoo.com>* wrote:
>    ***For Rs 3,000, girls are selling themselves in city bars
> Sex and our city — Part I
> *By our Staff Reporter
> GUWAHATI, July 26: Believe it or not, the capital city is fast becoming a
> crime city. With the city police stressing specifically on law and order and
> insurgency, petty crimes in Guwahati are on the rise. And now the bars are
> adding to it all. It is alleged that illegal activities are going on in
> these bars and on weekends, during parties, the bars almost become centres
> of flesh trade. In recent cases, one person was killed by his friend at
> Ganeshguri and one girl was badly roughed up by his boyfriend at Christian
> Basti.
> Out of 197 bars in Guwahati, the bars with permission to open till late
> night are 16. These late-night bars should be closed by 11.30 pm. But it
> is seen that most of the bars remain open till 1.30 or 2 am, thus defying
> the order. It is alleged that in these bars, police and excise departments
> take undue advantage. And to find out the truth, The Sentinel carried out a
> week-long investigation as to what might be going on inside the some of the
> lounge-bars.
> From 4.30 pm to 6 pm, many girls and aspiring models enter some of these
> bars. For this they do not have to pay any money. They are called
> entertainment girls. When The Sentinel team entered one of these bars and
> sat at one of the corners under dim light, the waiter took its order and
> left. Just near the counter, three girls were cracking jokes among
> themselves and trying to draw our attention. When the waiter came, one of
> the girls talked to him and passed a phone number for us. The name of the
> girl was Puja. (We have the mobile number but we are not disclosing it.)
> Later, she approached us, sat down near us, and asked: "Do you like to make
> friendship?"
> Every customer has one girl with him in these bars and girls are called
> entertainment girls. For sitting with someone for hours, they do not charge
> money but the person has to bear the expenses of their food and alcohol.
> Yes, you can give her tips also, if you want to have 'close' relations with
> her! This is called 'sitting'. One of the girls, Neha, told us she earns
> around Rs 20,000 per month from tips. The bars provide these entertainment
> girls to the customers and for this, the girls are paid a handsome amount.
> The Sentinel also came to know that on weekend parties hosted by these
> bars, the entry fee per person is from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000. But the girls in
> question do not have to pay any entry fee at all. And if one does not have
> any girlfriend with him, there is no need to worry, for he will get enough
> of them inside the bars to accompany him for hours together. One can even
> take them to any place. These call girls are basically from the city hostels
> located in Bhangagarh, Uzan Bazaar, Zoo Road etc. Most of these girls are
> from Lakhimpur, Jorhat and Dibrugarh.
> Talking to The Sentinel one of the call girls, Monika (name changed),
> said: "We earn around Rs 1,000 per night for dancing with one customer and
> if they want us to provide entertainment, we earn around Rs 3,000 to Rs
> 4,000. What's the problem? We are enjoying and entertainment is a must for
> all."
> But how will you meet these girls? What does the police say? Why is there
> no frisking of customers at entry points in these bars? All these will be
> revealed in the next report.
>   http://sentinelassam.com/  27.07.07
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